The  Growing Supplies catalog is revised  periodically.  Please note the changes to the Supply catalog shown below.  At the bottom of this page is a link to take you to the catalog.


Long time customers may notice some changes to the Growing Supplies catalog. Both the US Postal Service and United Parcel Service now base their rates not only on how much a package weighs, but also on its size. Items you order need to be packed up to determine what the shipping will be. For this reason the weight of an item no longer is included in it’s description. Several suppliers of items that I have offered for many years have recently died. These deaths affect leaf suport rings, Swift’s Moist Rite Planters, and Oyama Planters. In each case until the heirs resolve what is to be done with the respective businesses and inventories the availability of these three items is in limbo. I am sold out of Swift’s Moist Rite Planters and all sizes of Leaf Support Rings. Oyama planters are no longer in production, but there is considerable stock warehoused although not all sizes in all colors. Hopefully these different situations will be resolved soon and the affected items will become available again.




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